Eltech K-Laser

Eltech designs, manufactures and sales professional laser devices all over the World, for pain therapy and for medical, surgical, vascular and veterinary fields.
On the strenght of its over 20 years of experience in electromedical field, it stands out with “K-Laser” and

“K•SERIES” brand names, synonymous with reliability, safety and certainty in the laser medicine.

Eltech is a company that delivers the best of the made in Italy. Our roducts are designed, developed and manufactured in Treviso, one of the Italian most productive site areas.
Treviso is a middle-sized Italian town, grown up with artworks and its own manufacturing quality that is considered incomparable. In less than 30 years Treviso has became one of the European Industrial capital cities.


Eltech can rely on an extremely qualified personell that, day by day, in strictly co-operation with expert consultants and very well known University clinics, invests its own resources in research and development, creating the most advanced technology products in the market. A wide choice of excellent devices, which are extremely safe and reliable, classifies us within the first world-wide leader designer and manufacturers in medical laser field.


Eltech devices are very advanced laser products, which have been creating for medical application in physiotherapy, lasertherapy, dermatology, veterinary and surgery medicine fields.


A very deep analysis to the practitioner, always updated, along with 20 years experience in the field, are the strong bases, which Eltech is developing and designing the technology on, in order to give a precise and efficient answer to the latest requirements of medical practice. Thanks to an excellent technology as result of important investments in research and development, all our products can be considered compact, reliable, and eco-compatible.


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